38 Latitude Private Chef Services

Our Private Chef Services

We provide the perfect pairing of culinary expertise and healthy eating which is reinforced by our passion for spreading awareness that food can be delicious, beautiful, and nourishing.  We include use of global flavors, seasonal local ingredients, and nutrient dense foods to create a scrumptious meal that will exceed your expectations.  We pride ourselves on using only hand selected and fresh food from our local farms and industries.  When such dedication is put into quality, the Badolatos understand the importance of perfect preparation.  
Many of our dishes can be prepared in a blazing wood fired oven, unlocking natural and rustic flavors and aromas which create a unique style to your meal.  
We offer a variety of personal and private chef services.  
We specialize in small intimate gatherings from 2 to 30 people.  

Sonoma CA.  38  17'  45"                                                               Badolato, IT  38  34'  9"
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